Monday, July 15, 2013

Cohen's Quiet Book

I made an adorable quiet book for my dear friend Erin's son Cohen. It includes Cohen's baby clothes and fun felt pages. It was a lot of work but resulted in a very satisfying product.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I love rain. Most people desire a sunny, happy day, but I love a good rainstorm or thunderstorm. Maybe this gives you a little insight into my soul. It is raining now, possibly the beginnings of tropical storm Katia. I haven't felt like writing for a long time, but the rain pitter-patter influenced my mind.

The title of this post is change because in the last few months, just about every aspect of my life has changed. Change is very difficult, particularly for a control freak like me. Imagine what it would be like to leave your job that you know through-and-through, your best friends, your home, your school, your routine, and all the little things that you do just so. Well, here I am, transplanted in Mississippi. No German countryside, no gallivanting to Scotland or Italy for the weekend. No bank, yes I know I complained about it horribly, but I was truly lucky to work with my best friends every day, be an "expert" to a certain point, and be an active part of the community. Now I'm in my Mississippi house, which is a great house and I'm so glad we purchased it, but it's different from our European duplex in a quaint German town. The light switches are different, the door handles are different, we have air conditioning (thank goodness), no stairs, and unfortunately, due to the arrival of our belongings, too many things for our new space. What better time to purge, I suppose.

The up side to Mississippi is that Chris is finally happy, and I am finally able to pursue my dream of becoming a music therapist. I am going to school to complete the music therapy courses and internship required to become a board certified music therapist. However, I am having a difficult time adjusting. The change from graduate courses to undergraduate courses is easy, of course, but it is so odd to be in a music department other than the one at Northwest, where my music family is. It makes me long for those days when I was studying music (yes, I see the irony in this), seeing my friends in the hallways, spending time with my dear roommate, and all those wonderful Sigma Alpha Iota memories.

So here I am, new house, new climate, new life. I didn't ask for it, however it is part of the deal. I didn't want it, but I do want to be with Chris, who was generous enough to put in for overseas and take me to Germany in the first place. Does this life ever become easy? I suppose maybe not easy, but familiar. Familiarity in leaving routines and friends, starting over every few years. I never planned for a life like this, and most days I'd say I'd rather be in this life than any other, but not today. Maybe tomorrow.

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Blog

As much as I love my blogspot, it is not compatible with iPhoto, and I am not computer literate enough to make iPhoto work with Picasa. Thus, I created a new blog! Here is the website:

Hope to see you there soon!

Monday, July 19, 2010


This weekend Chris and I had a lovely adventure in Prague!

Friday morning we took the ICE train to Dresden, a 7 hour ride. We then took a train to Prague. The Dresden-Prague train followed the Vltava (the Moldau) river the whole way, it was beautiful. Arriving in Prague, we hiked our way to our fancy hotel. Venturing out for dinner, we struggled to find an ATM, and then ate a nice Italian meal. It was very hot on Friday, and once the sun went down it was pleasant and lots of people were out and about. We walked to the Globe bookstore and purchased a traditional Czech cookbook. Following the river, we walked toward the castle which was lit up beautifully at night. we walked a little on the Charles Bridge, and continued to the Old Town Square which was lovely at night.

Saturday we rose early and took the metro up to the Prague Castle. Walking up the hill to the castle we had a wonderful view over the city of Prague. At the castle we walked in the courtyard and immediately entered St. Vitus's Cathedral. The cathedral was beautiful and had both mosaic and painted stained glass windows. Next we visited the Royal Palace was also nice. St. George's Basilica was painted red on the outside, but had a traditional inside. We stopped by the Powder Tower, where the alchemists sought the Philosopher's Stone. Leaving the castle grounds, we headed toward the Loreto. It was closed for lunch, so we decided to take a break and had lunch at the Loreto restaurant. Chris was happy drinking Czech beer and eating the traditional Czech goulash. Returning to the Loreto, we walked through the beautiful courtyard and Santa Casa situated in the center. Taking the metro back to the New Town, we visited the Dvorak museum. It included his viola and piano, and a kitty cat (which I do not believe was part of the museum exhibit).

After a quick nap at the hotel, we walked through St. Wenceslas Square and over to the Powder Gate (not to be confused with the powder tower at the castle). The Powder Gate was used to store gunpowder during the 17th century. Back to the Old Town Square we experienced the Astronomical Clock chime 6:00 pm, watching the bell ring, the figures move, and the trumpeter trumpet from the very top of the tower. We had a nice dinner just off the square, and walked across the Charles Bridge. On the other side of the river we found the John Lennon Wall, and Chris contributed to the graffiti by writing a note for Dad Q. We wandered back across the bridge and did a little shopping in the numerous shops.

Sunday morning we were up early again, and took the metro right up to the Jewish quarter, Josefov. We went in the Ceremonial Hall which exhibited the burial rituals. The Spanish Synagogue was beautiful, the inside was decorated with Moorish designs in burgundy, blue, green, and gold. The Maisel Synagogue had several silver items on display. The Pinkas Synagogue was amazing, the walls were covered with the names of Czech and Moravian Holocaust victims. From there we entered the Jewish Cemetery. Returning to the hotel, we packed up, checked out, and made our way to the train station for our return trip home.

We had a nice time, and now that we're home we realize how nice it was to get away for the weekend. Chris has been very very busy at work, and I'm feeling overwhelmed with work and school as well. I have a new piano student, she is a natural. My guitar lessons are going okay, I need to make more time to practice. On the train from Dresden to Prague I had a "Katie Pawling this is your life" moment because in our train compartment were a composition major and three teachers who were in Leipzig for a month intensely studying Bach. I also met a woman at the bank who is a professional accompanist, and I am going to work up some pieces so we can play together.

We only have 11 months left in Germany. Chris is counting down the months until we return to the states, and I am seeing the time get shorter and shorter while my travel list is still very long. I have to stop and remember that I have been to several places already. I think that when we return next summer I will enjoy being in the states for a few months, and then be ready to go back to Europe. We're starting to wonder where we will go too, Chris keeps looking at placement lists to see where finance people are needed. We should find out our next base in the December-January time frame. It is starting to get hard, several of my good friends are starting to leave Germany. I like my friends, and I like my house. I suppose I'll get used to the moving eventually, or at least it will be easier to deal with. I'm thinking of it as an adventure, our opportunity to see the world! And see the world we will.


Sunday, June 6, 2010


Oh jetlag, why must you make my body not sleepy at 11pm? At least I have plenty of energy to study and finally figure out my photo posting situation! Due to lack of computer knowledge, I have not posted a blog in oh, 5 months because I could not figure out how to upload the photos on my new iMac. But today, I overcame my obstacle.

The first album is from our trip to Amsterdam over Easter weekend. It was very pretty and we enjoyed exploring the squares and canals. Chris's favorite museum was the Heineken Brewery. I loved the flower market and the Anne Frank House. Touring the Anne Frank House was an amazing experience. We walked through the hidden staircase behind the bookshelves and walked among the rooms where they hid during WWII. Otto Frank did not allow the museum to be furnished, but there were photos in each room depicting the layout from the time of use.

Amsterdam April 2010

The second album shows the events of my travels home to Missouri over the past two weeks. It was so great to be home, I can't believe it has been 2 years since I was last there. I spent time with my parents, granny, and aunt Donna, as well as high school and college friends. Joe and Erin were married last Saturday and I was honored to help as a bridesmaid. The wedding was beautiful, and I'm so happy for my two wonderful friends. Of course, I was quite thrilled to walk down the aisle with Harry too :-)

Missouri 2010

Oh kitty cats. Phooey is growing so big! I look at photos of her as a little kitten and I can't believe she was once that tiny. Callie has had a bit of a traumatic time; she was sick and one day escaped for a romp around the neighborhood. Since the climax of her illness, lots of time at the vet, and new eating habits Callie has slimmed down to a healthier size and is so playful and active! Since her little jaunt around the block, both Callie and Phooey are wearing collars with nametags. Callie doesn't mind as she has worn one before, but Phooey is confused about her new jingling sound and tries to bite off the tags.

Kitties Spring 2010

Chris has been working very hard as well as taking classes at one of the universities on base. I don't get to see him much, and I always remind him to leave a photo on his pillow so that I don't forget what he looks like. After being indecisive for over a year we finally decided that Chris would re-enlist in the military and the ceremony was before I flew to Missouri. We have one more year here in Germany, and a long list of travel destinations that is impossible to complete. We are to the point of choosing our absolute desired places to visit, and leaving the rest for another time. We should find out our next base around January. I have been busy as well, I just got a promotion to a higher level of customer service representative at the bank and I am in full swing with my master's classes, as well as taking guitar lessons and giving piano lessons.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year's Eve in Paris

Chris and I decided to party big this year and spent New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in Paris! We rode the ICE train directly into Paris, it only takes 2 hours and 26 minutes from Kaiserslautern. The speeds reach over 300km! We booked first class, it was nice and roomy. After finding our hotel, we made our way to the Champs-Elysees and over to the Eiffel Tower for midnight. New Year's Day we explored Paris. January 2nd we took the train to Chateau Versailles which was amazing. We had a fun and eventful trip!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Is Here!

Hello! I apologize for the delay in blogging, we have been very busy bees! November was exciting with the new kitty, and Chris's family came to visit for Thanksgiving! They went to London, Paris, and Heidelberg while here. In December Chris and I went to the Nurmberg, Bamberg, and Rothenburg Christmas markets for my birthday which was awesome. I had a class too, so I was busy studying and writing papers. Our Christmas was nice, though it is still very hard to be away from home during the holidays. We celebrated with several friends, and the company was great to help fill the void of missing family. The holiday season went by so fast I feel like I missed it! Here are a few albums of our travels and of course our beloved kitties!

November Kitties
Kitties Nov 2009

Heidelberg with Chris's family
Heidelberg with the Q's

More November Kitties
More Kitties Nov 2009

Christmas Markets and My Birthday
Christmas Markets 2009 & My Birthday

Christmas 2009
Christmas 2009